Not long after Robert Hill lost his colon in his fight with Crohn’s disease, and shortly after he had ileostomy surgery, he decided to run a marathon. Rob had always been active, but when he became sick with his health prevented him from living the same active he’d enjoyed for years. Determined to recapture what he’d lost now that he was feeling better, Rob took on the grueling challenge of long distance running to prove to himself that his Crohn’s disease and his wasn’t going to stop him.

Rob finished that marathon. Shortly after, his proud mother, Cheryl, was talking about Rob’s with a colleague who happened to ask her how he’d done in the race. Cheryl replied “Not bad for a guy with no guts.” She went on to tell this person all that her son had been through recently. Needless to say, Cheryl’s colleague was impressed.

When Rob decided to make it his life’s work to raise awareness of intestinal disease in the hopes of educating others to remove the stigma attached to these , he was searching for a name for his campaign that would highlight knowledge as the key to eliminating ignorance. In conversations with his , they would keep coming back to Cheryl’s “No Guts” story. With a quick twist of some words, ! Rob’s No Guts Know Glory 7Summits campaign demonstrates that someone with No Guts, but a determination to share knowledge, can truly achieve Glory. is just the metaphor for achieving these goals.

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