, Staying balanced and hydrated have always been challenges for me, particularly on long training days. I have grown tired of trying to consume overly sweet electrolytes on long days. I am not a kid anymore so my taste buds and I now prefer savoury over sweet and I am excited to say with Fuel 100’s Electro- Bites I can now enjoy the savoury electrolytes on my long training days.

In 2010 leading up to Everest, knowing that most days would be painful, during training I would push to exhaust my body physically and mentally. Taking little to no water and only enough gel to refuel if I bonked. Honestly, I always found the gels complicated, never easy to open, getting out of breath shooting it back, hoping for enough water to pound it back and dealing with the sticky trash it created. Now Fuel100 has solved all my dilemmas with Electro-Bites. I can now turn those 8 hour training days into 12 hour training days.

Living with no Colon, electrolyte absorption and caloric intake is always an issue so in my search I came across Electro-Bites, I figured why not give them a try. Now I have to say the first bite of this product was a bit more salty than I expected but I tried a few more and promptly ate the whole bag and looked around for more. Slowdown, this needed a real test so I decided to wait until a hot summer day to get out on a long run and proceeded to run my own field test of these savory bites. It was time to see if they could really fuel the miles. It was a pleasant change to grab a few savoury snack bites on the run and have them fuel my body and not deal with any of those gel issues.

I enjoyed Electro-Bites so much, I have started adding them to some of my trekking treats and favorite Salads, they are an excellent addition to trail mix and as a flavourful crouton. Yes, I will be following up with some recipes in a further post.

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